Tom speaks publicly of the teenage years he lost to crime and ice addiction in the hope of swaying others from a similar path.

This presentation tells a deeper story of drug addiction. Tom grew up in an affluent middle-class family in London, but when his Australian parents decision to come home tore their marriage apart, the inter-generational fault-lines of Tom’s family became accommodating in him. Struggling to understand, Tom sought refuge on the margins of society. Here he found ice. After his first, fateful shot, he spent his adolescent years in and out of juvenile detention, mental asylum, and mostly estranged from his family.

Today, Tom’s determination to survive and prosper has led him to some astounding milestones. Now an award-winning freelance journalist, Tom has written for some of Australia’s leading national publications, and his work in sharing his unique story with young people has been featured on Nine News, Sky News, and Today Tonight. Tom has realised his passions as a career path, and seeks personal and professional freedom by pursuing a different kind of life along the road less travelled.

If Tom’s inspiring story of redemption can teach you anything, it is never to give up hope, and to consider how the choices we make determine our life’s path. This first hand account of addiction also goes beyond the common narrative and explores the complex inter-relationships of addiction, family, and trauma, using his own life as a microscope into how and why begin taking drugs.

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