Who Are You? - Tom de Souza on ABC Radio, with Geoff Hutchison

Twelve days. No sleep. Convulsing, twitching, foaming at the mouth. Coming down; living hell. Psychosis. No state for interaction with the outside world, or to be left alone in my room. Crops’ company was slight consolation. Valium and pot took the edge off. Suicidal delirium. Eventually I looped out, grabbing a meat cleaver and sprinting up the street in search of an illusory figure. Next thing I knew, a red dot beamed onto my chest. I was cornered in a shopping centre carpark by four policemen. Two were wielding Tasers; another had a ferocious German Shepherd on a leash. I brandished the weapon in a quivering hand. The dog handler was screaming at me, “DROP THE WEAPON OR I’LL LET THE DOG GO!” Once handcuffed and in the back of the paddy wagon, I jolted back to reality.

Yesterday, I spoke with Geoff Hutchison on ABC Radio Perth. 

We discussed a lot of things close to my heart: drug addiction, ice, redemption, and making positive change in the world.  Thankfully, I'm still here to tell my story.  Hear a recap below.