The Final Frontier

Western Australia is regarded as one of the world’s final frontiers, but some gritty travellers, like Scotty, are tackling the vast state... by pushbike. 

In the past 8 months, 45-year-old shearer Scotty has travelled almost 1000km from Esperance up to Two Rocks.

Scotty is a 45-year-old shearer from Esperance, and over the past 8 months has travelled almost 1000km around Western Australia on his mountain bike. 

But even he admits he couldn’t do it all on two wheels. 

“The stretch from Albany to Perth is a long, lonely stretch of road,” he says. 

“I had to put my bike on the bus.  Water is too heavy to carry too much at a time, and once you fill up out there it might be a couple hundred k’s til you get to the next tap.”

Scotty’s life is loaded into canvas bags on the side of his mountain bike, which is equipped with a fold out awning and swag, beer flask, fishing rod, dive gear and solar panels. 

“I can kick back at the end of a big day on the bike and watch a movie out in the bush,” he laughs. 

Scotty's life is loaded into canvas bags on the side of his bike.  He says he has adapted the bike as he has travelled, adding extra comforts like solar panels to soften life on the road.  

Since he has been in the city Scotty has been sleeping rough, and he admits his bike has attracted some unwanted attention.

“A lot of homeless people get real jealous when they see what I’ve got,” he says.

“It’s not hard to do this.  You’ve just gotta get out there and give it a go, but thats what people are afraid of.”

Scotty plans to travel back up the coast to Lancelin, before making his way down to Esperance for the start of the shearing season.

“It’s the people I’ve met along the way that has pushed me to keep going,” he says. 

“I’ve had some absolutely unreal experiences; people are always coming up to me and asking for photos, giving me things and just stopping to have a yarn.

“You wouldn’t get that if you did this in a car.  You’re isolated from the world inside all that glass and steel.”