The Final Frontier - Colour

The Kimberley is one of the world’s last remaining true wildernesses.  A population of 50,000 people inhabit 100 million acres of land, or Switzerland 10 times over.  Much of the country is inaccessible, and uncharted even by Aboriginal footprints.  This is one of the final frontiers of travel, and the Gibb River Road cuts a diagonal path through its heart.  This is my journey. 

Masa.  Not your average Japanese tourist.  East Kimberley. 


The long dusty trail.  Kia Sportage in the West Kimberley. 


Dorj'e, Cockburn Ranges, East Kimberley. 


Pentecost River crossing, East Kimberley

German backpackers, stranded.  Central Kimberley.  


Dorj'e, Central Kimberley.

King Leopold Ranges in the rearview.  

King Leopold Ranges in the rearview.