Tom de Souza

Writer || Journalist || Photographer

Tom de Souza tells stories.

Tom has dedicated his life to the written word and captured image, seeking personal and professional freedom by pursuing a different kind of life along the road less travelled.  Stories from the Scenic Route is his virtual home.  

Tom believes storytelling has the power to change the world, and he works to spark positive change in the world through his stories.  Tom travels regularly to capture unique stories that inspire us to consider our relationships with one another, and to explore the world we inhabit.   

He is a freelance writer and photographer, with a background as a qualified journalist.  Tom has written for a diverse array of publications, including The Australian, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and his work as a journalist has earned him multiple WA Media Awards.  

Tom's photography has been featured on ABC News outlets and various advertising campaigns, and garnered the international recognition of the Monster Children Photo Competition.  

Born in London, England, Tom began travelling at an early age.   His earliest memory was aged two, travelling on the Euro star with his Granny to Paris.  Tom moved to Western Australia at age eight, where he discovered his passion for surfing, adventure, and the outdoors – activities which inspire him to roam and are layered throughout his work. 

Tom began writing seriously at age 18 on a trip to Morocco and in 2016 he graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a Bachelor of the Arts, majoring in Journalism.  A keen linguist, Tom is fluent in Italian and Indonesian.

A dedicated student, Tom has honed his craft under the guidance of Walkley Award winner Adam Shand.  Tom is based in Western Australia, and is happiest on the road with his beloved dog Jezza.  

For more information on Tom's work, partnerships and projects, feel free to get in touch here.   

"A story can plant a seed in your mind that may one day grow into a beautiful tree." - Tom de Souza, 2016.



"Thomas de Souza's ability to source original stories with national and international implications sets him apart as one of Western Australia's most promising young journalists." - Judges, WA Media Awards, 2016


“Tom is an exceptionally talented writer with an eye for an interesting story in the quirky lives of those around him. Like the best journalism graduates of our time, Tom is skilled across platforms: he can shoot and edit great videos and he is an excellent photographer. A short tour of his website will provide ample evidence of his outstanding ability. Tom is a natural: he could achieve anything he put his mind to but he has chosen to produce quality independent journalism with integrity and heart. As a society we are the beneficiaries.” - Mignon Shardlow, Head of Communications and Media, University of Notre Dame Fremantle, 2017




- Graduated John Curtin College of the Arts

- WACE Certificate of Distinction for English marks in the top 0.5% of the state


First feature article published in The Age


- WA Media Award for Outstanding Student Journalist

- Finalist: Monster Children Photo Competition

- Graduated University of Notre Dame Fremantle

- Exhibition - Collective: Surface Collective at Soggy Bones


- Solo show - Clancys Fish Pub, Dunsborough